Mainboard E7520 and FreeBSD 5.x

Admin adm at
Thu Jun 23 13:23:20 GMT 2005

Dear Sir,

We have the server with mainboard E7520 Master Series
MS-9136 SSI Server Board with Dual Intel Xeon 2,8 MHz,
two HDD SCSI 73Gbyte (without RAID controller) and one HDD IDE 120Gbyte.
We have some problems to install the operating system FreeBSD 5.x.
We trying install the operating system FreeBSD 5.x, but the installing
program don't see the SCSI and IDE discs. There is an infinite search
of parameters of the SCSI drive, but don't finish it, and don't begin
the tuning of the kernel parameters.

My be operating system FreeBSD 5.x installed on this system?
Please, help us.

Sincerely yours,
Iwan I. Giesbrecht
mailto:adm at

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