Need your advise.

Nuttapon Tharachaikul th_nuttapon at
Wed Jun 22 19:26:16 GMT 2005

To Support,
     I'm interest on BSD-OS.
     Please advise me , I'm new to study Linux.
     1. After I created installation-CDROM. It was burned completly.=20
     But I have a question about the following files ,Does it used for =
what ?=20
     2. I would like to know about the feature of BSD5.4 ,where can I =
check this.
         Please give me a shortly information that BSD5.4,i386, can =
handler about Clustering ,RAID and can support Physical Ram =3D 4 GB or =
     Have any reference information's source the explain the purpose and =
how to handle of its.

     If I would like to order "SD 5.4 and Handbook, 3rd Edition, Users =
Guide Bundle" from FreeBSD-Mall and ship to Thailand.
     1. How much ship-cost to delivery this media ?=20
     2. How long for delivery ?
     3. And Could you give me for discount ?

Best Regards,
Nuttapon Tharachaikul

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