Mario Hoerich lists at
Thu Jun 23 10:04:22 GMT 2005

# bsd:
> Since I have switched to the 5_3 instead of 5_3_RELEASE, do I have to  
> do more updates for my system. I guess that the patched software that  
> have been released since the 5_3_RELEASE are included in the 5_3 and  
> that I have to install them somehow.
> So my question is how ?

> Do you think this is a good idea to stick to 5_3 instead of  
> 5_3_RELEASE for a production system (mail server) ?

Yes.  RELENG_5_3 is a security branch of 5.3-RELEASE and thus
handled in a very conservative manner.  No bad surprises there.
Tracking it will get you updates iff they're strictly necessary. 


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