Explaining FreeBSD features

Erich Dollansky oceanare at pacific.net.sg
Thu Jun 23 09:05:04 GMT 2005


Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
>>Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> Tone is in the eye of the beholder.  Sure, posts all contain a tone
> to them.  But very little posted on this mailing list has been
> anywhere near as harsh as what you see sometimes on Usenet in the
> FreeBSD groups there.
I did not say this at all. This tone is not abusive at all. It is also a 
very serious tone. The problem is that this is a tone a high number of 
people has problems with.

> And I can tell you that absolutely nothing that I have EVER read
> here or on USENET has EVER held a candle to the power and majesty

Nothing ever came even close to the abuse at the national service I did. 
So, I also know the other extreme.

>>Then, never complain that FreeBSD does not reach a higher market share.
> _I_ don't.  Who does?
Some do a logo contest to make FreeBSD more appearing, there is some 
activity going in.
>>I have to take my neighbour with her Ph.D. in biology again. We can
>>assume she has proven not to be a plain idiot. She got some of
>>the book,
>>looked at them for some days and said 'why should I study IT before I
>>can use FreeBSD'.
> Why should I study the drivers manual before getting a drivers license?
I do not know why people do it. I just learned driving in a deserted place.
> That is correct.  I don't allow someone to cut into my body until they
> have carefully explained how the whole procedure works and I understand
> it.  I'm surprised you do.
There is another difference. I asked 'my' surgeon a simple question: how 
many died in your hands doing this. The number wasn't zero but within 
avarage. With other words, I just trust them.
> And how exactly did they find out from the group of kids growing up
> each year which ones were better farmers and which ones were better
> hunters?
> At one point, the kids knew how to do both.  You see, the stone age
> people understood that just because you had specialization, didn't
> mean that learning about someone else's specialty was a bad thing.

But how deep did they go into the other's field?

And, to come back to RTFM, did they first read a handbook or did they 
just have a try?

> After all, that other specialist might get et by a tiger, one day,
> and have to be replaced.
This happens now to specialists running Windows catching a virus too.

> That worked real well until the religious bigots came along and started

Yes, but there is a small difference to FreeBSD's use by others: they 
are not forced to use FreeBSD and they should be used to RTFM.

There are so many people out there who do not understand things this 
way. Just allow them with some help from others who are willing to help.


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