Custom kernel config questions for Linux user

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Thu Jun 23 07:36:04 GMT 2005

>   I was wondering if anyone could provide me an answer to the following 
> questions. Please keep in mind that by default I learned Unix on a Linux 
> system, so... please no flames :(.
>   1) Is there any sort of configuration interface (ncurses, X, etc), or am I 
> 'stuck' with 'manually configuring' a textfile?

yes you are - you will end more thinking less clicking.

this system is actually MUCH easier than ncurses/X/whateven because you 
use any text editor.

read file "NOTES" and "GENERIC" to make task easier.

it is very good when you configure kernel not the first time, because you 
use your favourite config file as a base for new config, just changing few 
drivers and options etc.

of course - feel free to write curses kernel configurator :))

>   2) Is there a complete list of features which can be enabled for the 
> kernel, other what was in the GENERIC configuration file?
>   3) What is needed for the FreeBSD kernel and what modules need to be 
> compiled in order to use IDE CD-burning. In linux previous to kernel version

burncd works as is.

for cdrecord etc.. you need "cam" support - something like linux "SCSI 
emulation". but system's burncd works as is. unfortunately not for DVD 
writers yet.

> 2.6.8 I know that SCSI was required, but now they are doing proper IDE 
> emulation.
>   Thanks, I'll most likely have more questions later.

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