Firewall with USB

John Anderson john at
Thu Jun 23 03:46:47 GMT 2005


USB is not totally irrelevant, since it means I can't connect my 
firewall/router directly to my input, but I take your point.

I will have USB connections to my ISDN upload and my satellite decoder, my 
question was more whether freebsd firewall supports USB devices in principle 
for the WAN or whether it will only take ethernet WAN and LAN.

I guess the answer was yes, so long as the drivers for my external devices 

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> "John Anderson" <john at> writes:
>> Hi there folks,
>> Having just moved into the country I am forced to use satellite for a 
>> broadband connection. Due to telsra having a monopoly on this, I need to 
>> have 2 USB connections, one for satellite download, one for ISDN upload. 
>> So my router doesn't fit.
>> Does anyone know if the freebsd firewall will support two USB WAN 
>> connections to a normal LAN internal network?
> USB is irrelevant; you need to consider what kind of USB devices you
> using to connect.  Having more than one external interface is not by
> itself a problem.

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