FreeBSD Machines dieing, we've tried so much....

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you wrote:
>That's exactly our config.  SMP, 4 gb RAM, HT was enabled, no longer.  
>Should I upgrade to 5.4-STABLE?  Is there a bug ?  Is 5.4-STABLE 
>"stable" enough? :)  Also, if I cvsup to 5.4-STABLE right now, would I 
>be able to upgrade to 5.5-RELEASE with no probs, or would I forever be 
>at -STABLE?

No, you could update to 5.5R without issue.  In fact, moving to 6.0R
from 5.x  without having to re-install like going from 4.x to 5.x is
the plan

Personally, I would update to RELENG_5 as of today. There are a lot of
bug fixes and its quite solid..

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