Custom kernel config questions for Linux user

Warren Block wblock at
Thu Jun 23 01:17:12 GMT 2005

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, Garrett Cooper wrote:

>   I was wondering if anyone could provide me an answer to the following 
> questions. Please keep in mind that by default I learned Unix on a Linux 
> system, so... please no flames :(.
>   1) Is there any sort of configuration interface (ncurses, X, etc), or am I 
> 'stuck' with 'manually configuring' a textfile?

sysinstall does some of that.  Personally, I find plain text files much 
easier to deal with than most semi-automated helper programs.  There are 
things like webmin in the ports collection.

>   2) Is there a complete list of features which can be enabled for the 
> kernel, other what was in the GENERIC configuration file?

See the LINT (4.x) or NOTES (5.x) files in the same directory.

>   3) What is needed for the FreeBSD kernel and what modules need to be 
> compiled in order to use IDE CD-burning. In linux previous to kernel version 
> 2.6.8 I know that SCSI was required, but now they are doing proper IDE 
> emulation.

'man burncd' will show details about the stock IDE CD burning 
application.  If you want to use SCSI emulation, there's the atapicam 
device.  The man page for that shows setup.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

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