Yet another RAID Question (YARQ)

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Wed Jun 22 22:07:09 GMT 2005

Steve Bertrand wrote:

>I know this technique isn't feasable in all situations, but I try to
>have duplicate hardware. Especially with my IDE RAID1 servers, I'll from
>time to time during a maintenance window pop one of the RAID disks out,
>throw it in another box and ensure BOTH machines boot up with individual
>This is a sure test to ensure RAID is working. Mind you, I also back up
>using rsync for critical stuff to another box, and to tape as well.
Luckily we did the rsync and tape stuff (though it hasn't been needed 
yet).  I guess you need not just the spare hardware (which is possible 
if you have more than one server to start with and two can come out at 
the same time) but the maintenance window to a) pop the disk and then b) 
rebuild the RAID afterwards.  At least, I'm assuming that the RAID-1 is 
just going to treat the disk you pop back in as of unknown status and 
re-mirror it.

Good thoughts, thanks,


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