Need your advise.

Nuttapon Tharachaikul th_nuttapon at
Wed Jun 22 20:22:48 GMT 2005

To Charles Swiger ,
      I'm apologize that may be occure many mails delivery to you, since my  
outlook may have problem.
      Please  advise me , I would like to know  that : Does BSD5.4 support 
"High Availability Clustering" same like RedHatAS3.0 ?  In term of the 
capability to handle share disk-storage to support redundancy of fail over 
single point of failure, that if one server fail then another one
can be promote to handle application service by share disk-storage in a 

Best Regards,
Nuttapon T.

>From: Charles Swiger <cswiger at>
>To: Nuttapon Tharachaikul <th_nuttapon at>
>CC: freebsd-questions at
>Subject: Re: Need your advise.
>Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 15:40:30 -0400
>On Jun 22, 2005, at 3:32 PM, Nuttapon Tharachaikul wrote:
>>     1. After I created installation-CDROM. It was burned completly.
>>     But I have a question about the following files ,Does it used  for 
>>what ?
>>     - CHECKSUM.MD5
>If you run md5 (called "md5sum" sometimes) on the .iso file, it  should 
>match this checksum.  This confirms the CD image you created  has not been 
>tampered with.
>>     2. I would like to know about the feature of BSD5.4 ,where can  I 
>>check this.
>>         Please give me a shortly information that BSD5.4,i386, can  
>>handler about Clustering ,RAID and can support Physical Ram = 4 GB  or not 
>FreeBSD supports lots of flavors of RAID.  The x86 code has limited  
>support for PAE (greater than 4GB of physical RAM) but a fair number  of 
>drivers are not safe to use in that mode.  If you plan on using  more than 
>4GB of RAM in a box, go with a 64-bit platform like AMD64,  or maybe SPARC 
>or PPC.
>I'm not sure what you mean by "clustering" since people seem to use  that 
>to describe a lot of things.
>>     Have any reference information's source the explain the purpose  and 
>>how to handle of its.
>Hmm: "parse error".
>>     If I would like to order "SD 5.4 and Handbook, 3rd Edition,  Users 
>>Guide Bundle" from FreeBSD-Mall and ship to Thailand.
>>     1. How much ship-cost to delivery this media ?
>>     2. How long for delivery ?
>>     3. And Could you give me for discount ?
>Ask FreeBSD-Mall directly.  They aren't the same as the people on  this 
>list, nor are they the same thing as the FreeBSD project itself.

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