pkg_info question

Björn König bkoenig at
Wed Jun 22 18:15:19 GMT 2005

Casey Scott wrote:

> Sorry, I meant I need to know what package a file belongs to that does not
> exist in the file system already. I need to know where to get something,
> not where it came from.

My CVSup script executes

   find /usr/ports -name "pkg-plist*" > /path/to/somewhere

after an update of the ports directory. Thus I can search a file with

   cat /path/to/somewhere | xargs grep 'pattern'

This method is quick and dirty and does not cover all ports because some 
of them have no pkg-plist file in their directory. Those ports use the 
PLIST_FILES variable in their Makefile instead or generate a plist file 


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