Explaining FreeBSD features

Lei Sun lei.sun at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 18:14:36 GMT 2005

After all, someone is trying to do something good for freebsd, by
making freebsd known by more and more people.

Most people are lazy, we tend to prefer immediate results rather than
a long term process and commitment. I think this is understandable.

Of course, there will be a lot of newbies coming, some of them will
stay and some of them will find it too difficult, and leave. That's
the way it is.

Same goes with linux. If it just sounds powerful, and hard for people
to get their hands dirty by just setting one up and see what it looks
like and maybe how it works, then linux wouldn't be this popular now.

You would hear that "Someone has burned a linux CD and just don't have
time to install it, but linux is easy and sounds really cool and makes
people curious", and you wouldn't hear the same thing about freebsd.
Most of the none unix IT friends I have all had a "EXTREMELY HARD"
impression on Freebsd, and they found linux extremely easy.

That's indeed not true. It really only takes a normal person several
hours to flip through the HANDBOOK to at least know his/her way
around, and this is really as "easy" as linux.

But, it make sence, that people would like to see the product, before
using it or even know more about it. Much like a person would prefer
trying out a service for free before he/she decides to invest more
money and time into it.

Also, one must first be a newbie in something, then become more and
more professional while he/she is learning.

A lot of you might be good at Freebsd, but very new to something else.
Would you prefer to hear someone telling you, "Hey! This is only for
Professional! There is not even a newbie version for you! So don't
slow us down by getting out of our way!" That's not friendly at all,

I perfectly agree that Freebsd is a serious OS from serious people,
that's why I choose freebsd :) and I would rather see freebsd be more
and more popular than linux!!! Truely!!! It is indeed a very good OS.

So let's be nice, and find ways help the new comers without disturbing
the ones, who are not interested in the easy questions, instead of
turning them away.

We all love FreeBSD, don't we?


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