Explaining FreeBSD features

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Wed Jun 22 07:34:57 GMT 2005

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>Vulpes Velox wrote:
>> Ignorant useless users should be supported by commercial ventures,
>> not community ones. They will just drag the community down with their
>> weight if they don't help out.
>This would be the real tough one.
>There should also be a way to write some kind of descripton for the 
>people between.
>> I found the handbook to be useful in this area.
>Yes, if you understand it. It is written be serious IT 
>professionals for 
>serious IT professionals. Even a serious none IT professional has 
>problems understanding it.

Then read one of the many FreeBSD books.  The one by Annelise Anderson
is most certainly not written for serious IT professionals.  I know
because I have read it.

>Our problem is that we all do not know the people who would speak the 
>language none IT professionals understand.

No, your problem is that you are confusing TRAINING with INSTRUCTION.

The FreeBSD project has an obligation to provide instructions with the
system.  That, they do.

But they do not have an obligation to provide training, nor does any
company for their product.  Even Microsoft charges extra for that.


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