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Tue Jun 21 23:04:00 GMT 2005

Before spending a lot of time on this check out prices for
hardware USB print servers.  It's a lot easier to LPR from a
FreeBD system to one of these, than to deal with the USB
device right on the server itself.  And these print servers
will accept printing in all kinds of protocols, LPR, IPP,
SMB, etc. etc. so very easy to share the printer with the 'doze


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>         Hi all.  I'm building a Freebsd 5.3 based mini-itx 
>file server on 
>my network here and I'd like to also turn it into a print 
>server.  Thing 
>is, I've got an HP Deskjet 842c printer that connects via USB 
>that is my 
>printer.  It's not lan capable which kinda complicates things.  
>I'd like to connect it via USB to the new file server, then set 
>it up to do 
>printing for the whole network.  Now, my questions are this.
>1.  What do I need to do to set this up on the file server?  Heck, if 
>someone's got a tutorial somewhere on setting up a print server using 
>freebsd and can tell me what special configs I need to make my usb 
>connected HP printer work off it, that'd be awesome.
>2.  What do I need to do to get my freebsd workstation to print 
>to it?  To 
>date I haven't gotten around to configuring printing on the Freebsd 
>Workstation (it's running 4.10) yet, so I think it's time I did 
>that.  Again, a tutorial would be welcome.
>3.  What do I have to do special, if anything, to allow my 
>windows machines 
>to print to the printer via the print/file server on the network?  I'm 
>running both 98se and WinXP Pro on them.
>         Sorry to bug you guys with something so trivial, but 
>google wasn't 
>being friendly to me with this subject, so I'm coming to you guys 
>next.  Thanks in advance for any answers.  :D
>Steven Lake
>Raiden's Realm
>Come see "Monk" the comic strip and laugh till you die!  :)
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