5.4 Installation Problems on Dell GX280 - Fatal trap 12

SHands shands at phirebird.net
Tue Jun 21 22:37:32 GMT 2005

I've had a nightmare trying to get 5.4 (also tried 5.3) to work on a
Dell GX280 - which had exactly the same problem. In the end, I ended up
using a serial link to get the install done and then got inetd setup so
that I could troubleshoot over the network.

This didn't help long term as the keyboard didn't work once I'd
restarted after finishing the install. I stumbled on this script which
seemed to do the trick:


I used telnet to get at rc.conf - but there probably are other better

It seems a shame that Dell (and other manufacturers) are phasing out old
'legacy' hardware like the good ol' PS/2 ports. It's just a good job
that they didn't kill the serial port on this particular machine! (yet)

Hope this helps,

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I am trying to install FreeBSD 5.4 on a Dell GX280 and am getting a
Fatal trap 12 supervisor write, page not present error.  From what
I've read, this is an ACPI problem which I could disable if I had a
PS2 port, but the GX280 doesn't have them.  Has anyone gotten 5.4 to
run properly on a GX280 using option 7 to boot with usb keyboard?


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