apsfilter problems

Sean Murphy smurphy at calarts.edu
Tue Jun 21 18:46:11 GMT 2005

I have my printer printing postscript (it is a jetdirect with
postscript) and text files;  however I was trying to print jpeg and png
files from the command line which came out as garbage.

It was suggested that I use apsfilter which I then installed as a package.

I ran the setup and it modified my /etc/printcap file

# APS1_END - don't delete this

however I can still print text but when trying to print jpeg or png it
does nothing but give me an error

apsfilter fatal error: missing pnmdepth; can't convert file type 'jpeg
image data'


apsfilter fatal error: missing pngtopnm; can't convert file type 'png
image data'

I looked it the packages and ports collection for these items with no luck

I then downloaded one from source and It failed to install

is there something I'm missing?

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