Detailed logging of ssh sessions

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Tue Jun 21 14:03:35 GMT 2005

Try the termlog port, do some minor source changes so it doesn't spam 
the system logs. I use it to monitor shell server users, and works 
wonders. Even have a shell script that creates directories according to 
the current date, checks for "operation not permitted" and "permission 
denied", mails the results to me, and archives the logs in the folder 
(ie 21-06-2005). The only problem with this is a cat /dev/urandom can 
fill a partition up, because all output is logged :)

I keep these logs in a separate partition.

Glenn Dawson wrote:

> At 08:38 AM 6/19/2005, Bill Moran wrote:
>> I've been researching this, and so far haven't found a way to do what I
>> want to do.
>> I have servers here and there, that should only be accessible by a 
>> limited
>> number of administrators via ssh (i.e. mail and web servers, firewalls).
>> As an added security measure, I'd like to start logging everything that
>> happens during any ssh login (since all our work on these machines is
>> via ssh).  I understand, and frequently use script(1), but I want this
>> to be required.  I have two goals:
>> 1) If someone manages to guess a password and break in, I want a log
>>    of what they're doing.
>> 2) I want 100% guarantee that everything we do is recorded, to make
>>    future debugging of configuration mistakes easier.
>> I've been researching sshd, and it doesn't seem as if it has this
>> capability.  Web searches have not yet turned up anything ... I'm 
>> guessing
>> I'm not searching for the right phrases, since I can't believe I'm the
>> only one doing this.
>> Any advice or pointers are welcome.
> This looks like it might do the trick for you:
> -Glenn
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