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Fafa Hafiz Krantz fteg at london.com
Tue Jun 21 03:12:01 GMT 2005


Thank you all for everything so far.

But I am not looking for comparisons.

I am looking for stuff that has been written so that people can understand.

Let's say this:

Multi-threaded SMP architecture capable of executing the kernel in parallel on multiple processors, and with kernel preemption, allowing high priority kernel tasks to preempt other kernel activity, reducing latency. This includes a multi-threaded network stack and a multi-threaded virtual memory subsystem. With FreeBSD 6.x, support for a fully parallel VFS allows the UFS file system to run on multiple processors simultaneously, permitting load sharing of CPU-intensive I/O optimization.

In the real world, that ought to sound more like:

FreeBSD includes support for symmetric multiprocessing and multithreading. This makes the kernel lock down levels of interfaces and buffers, minimizing the chance of threads on different processors blocking each other, to give maximum performance on multiprocessor systems.



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