mac osx disklabels

pallen at pallen at
Mon Jun 20 20:09:54 GMT 2005

Yeah, this sounds like a way to a solution.  Of course, the
drive isn't mine :-/ so I'm sort of powerless on this point.

The consensus seems to be though that FreeBSD doesn't
support reading those mac disklabels (partitions)...

I wonder, can FreeBSD read GPT organized disks (ia64) under


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> >On Jun 20, 2005, at 8:12 AM, Bob Bomar wrote:
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> >>pallen at wrote:
> >>| I went to mount a UFS filesystem on an OSX prepared drive and  
> >>discovered
> >>| that apparantly FreeBSD can't read mac disklabels?  Is this true  
> >>or am I
> >>| missing something?
> >>|
> >>
> >>OS X Uses HFS+ which FreeBSD can not read.  Its an Apple format.
> >>There were some tools in ports to read HFS fs's, but not HFS+.
> >>
> >
> >OS X also supports a form of UFS btw
> If the drive was formatted using Disk Utility there is a very hidden  
> option for "Apple Partitioning Scheme" or "PC Partitioning Scheme".   
> The Apple Partitioning Scheme is the default.  The only documentation  
> I could find on those options is a note that if you want to be able  
> to mount the drive on a PC you must use the PC Partitioning Scheme.   
> I suspect that the Apple Partitioning Scheme uses a different format  
> for the partition map which may not be handled by anything else.


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