After Install -- Where is FreeBSD?

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Mon Jun 20 17:58:08 GMT 2005

Ed Schouten wrote:

>I do have one tip for you about your problem; if you've installed
>FreeBSD on a machine with multiple harddisks (first disk Windows, second
>disk FreeBSD) and your BIOS is set up to boot from the first harddisk
>(HDD-0), it will just boot Windows, without even' looking at the
>bootloader on the second harddisk. Search for the 'Boot device priority'
>options in your PC BIOS Setup.
AFAIK, windows won't start up if it isn't the first disk (well, it 
wouldn't for me, just black-screens and reboots).  You need the FreeBSD 
boot loader on the Windows disk and just select disk2 for FreeBSD.  If 
you ever re-install windows, it will delete the boot loader for you and 
you'll need to install it again.  If you are installing the boot loader 
onto a second disk then /stand/sysinstall is just like booting from CD, 
without having to boot from CD, but it tends to refuse to write stuff to 
currently mounted disks.

Instructions for that already sent to questions, and may well be in the 
handbook :-)


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