After Install -- Where is FreeBSD?

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Mon Jun 20 17:41:23 GMT 2005

Benjamin Sher wrote:

>> Dear friends:
>> All that's missing now is FreeBSD. After completing my install, I
>> exited. FreeBSD exited normally, then rebooted. But no sign of
>> FreeBSD. Instead, Windows came up. I do recall choosing to have a
>> boot manager but never actually saw the screen and boot-up options.
>> So, I went back into Free BSD by switching back to the CD in my Bios,
>> but that's as far as I dare go on my own. What should I do? Am I
>> missing something?
I don't know why the boot manager isn't installed, but it's very easy to 
install it again.  Boot from the CD, select Post Installation Config, 
then select the disk Label editor.  Pick the first slice and make it 
bootable (S) then W to write you changes and you are asked if you want 
to install the boot manager.  Say yes.

Quit out and reboot, taking out the CD.  While I'm getting things to 
work I usually leave the floppy and CD as BIOS boot options before the 
hard disk.  Once I know it all works, I fix the BIOS to look for the 
disk first.  If you don't have a bootable CD or floppy in the drive, 
then the system boots from disk.

This is from memory, but I'm pretty sure it's correct.  As long as you 
do nothing other than making a slice bootable, then you should do no damage.


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