strange behavior when libnss-mysql is querying a server with tcp

Oliver Dumat odumat at
Mon Jun 20 11:23:04 GMT 2005

hi folks
iam using freebsd 5.4 with libnss-mysql 1.4 and mysql-client40.
libnss-mysql querys on localhost through a socket with no problems.
if i want libnss-mysql querys a database host i get errors:
- the connection defintivly works to the other server (veryfied with
  the mysql client)
- the connection will be opened and after that reseted from my server
- no data is exchanged (no authentication against mysqld and all)
- i also verifyed it with the same libnss-mysql-1.4 on my linux system -
  it works perfectly (same configs (some querys are adapted))

i hope you can give me a hint where i have to search to fix this
write if you want me to provide any more informations.
thanx a lot for your help 
Oliver Dumat

ome of the debug log:

s_mysql_next_key: Found: username -> hosting                                
[1596]: _nss_mysql_next_key: EXIT (TRUE)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_next_key: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_next_key: Found: password -> password
[1596]: _nss_mysql_next_key: EXIT (TRUE)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_next_key: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_next_key: Found: port -> 3306
[1596]: _nss_mysql_next_key: EXIT (TRUE)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_next_key: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_next_key: EXIT (FALSE)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_load_config_file: EXIT
[1596]: _nss_mysql_validate_config: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_validate_config: EXIT (TRUE)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_load_config: EXIT (NSS_SUCCESS)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_init: EXIT (NSS_SUCCESS)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_load_config: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_load_config: EXIT (NSS_SUCCESS)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_build_query: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_build_query: BYNONE creating initial query
[1596]: _nss_mysql_build_query: EXIT (NSS_SUCCESS)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_run_query: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_run_query: Executing query: SELECT domain,pass,webspace FROM access
[1596]: _nss_mysql_connect_sql: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_check_existing_connection: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_check_existing_connection: EXIT (FALSE)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_load_config: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_load_config: EXIT (NSS_SUCCESS)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_set_options: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_set_options: EXIT
[1596]: _nss_mysql_connect_sql: Connecting to db.mynetwork.local
[1596]: _nss_mysql_connect_sql: EXIT (NSS_UNAVAIL)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_run_query: EXIT (NSS_UNAVAIL)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_lookup: EXIT (NSS_UNAVAIL)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_getgrent_r: EXIT (NSS_UNAVAIL)
[1596]: _nss_mysql_setgrent: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_reset_ent: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_close_result: ENTER
[1596]: _nss_mysql_close_result: EXIT
[1596]: _nss_mysql_reset_ent: EXIT
[1596]: _nss_mysql_setgrent: EXIT (NSS_SUCCESS)

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