qpopper error

Glenn Dawson glenn at antimatter.net
Mon Jun 20 11:07:02 GMT 2005

At 05:52 PM 6/19/2005, Charles Howse wrote:
>In my research before posting this question, I saw this same question
>in numerous places, but I never saw a resolution!
>I have qpopper 4.0.5 running from inetd on FBSD 4.11.
>I start it thus: /usr/local/libexec/qpopper
>When I connect from my Mac to check my mail, I see the following in / 
>Jun 19 19:45:18 moe qpopper[199]: charles at
>( -ERR
>[SYS/TMP] POP authentication DB not abailable (user charles): No such
>file or directory (2)
>Anyone have any ideas what's wrong?

Did you build qpopper from ports? or ?
What options did you enable or disable/ (assuming you built from ports)


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