3G file burns to -514M file on DVD-R

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>> >
>> > Any ideas or advice?
>> Split your backup file before creating the iso.
>> At the moment FreeBSD can't handle big files on isofs.
>> If I remember correctly, big means > 1 GB, but I'm not sure.
>> You should still be able to extract the file with isoinfo
>> from the cdrtools port.
>> Fabian
>Once I've burned the DVD, how can I rejoin the files created using the 
>-split-output option so that I can reload the database from the dump 
>file?  The man pages for mkisofs, isoinfo and split weren't very 
>helpful in this regard.

On the subject of DVD backups, I have found them to be somewhat lossy
over time. For my large database backups, I use rar out of the ports
and add recovery records in the archive (-rr) and and split them using
its volume feature. I also use par2 to further add redundancy and it
has saved my ass a couple of times when I went to get a backup from
the year before.

from a script I use

/usr/local/bin/rar a -r -v45M -rr -p$PASS /backup/root/iso/acctDB.rar

/usr/local/bin/par2create -r20 /backup/root/iso/parfiles.par2

The databases compress down to about 3G on the DVDs across 45MB files.
par2 then creates recovery files that allow for upto 20% damage to the
DVD.  To restore the files, rar x acctDB.rar

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