matching tos 0x0 with ipfw2?

Wolfgang Lausenbart wmiuser at
Sun Jun 19 14:58:02 GMT 2005

Hi List,

I'am trying to match 0x0 (Normal Service)
with ipfw iptos [TOS-Value] 

as far as I can see one can only use names
to refer to, as reliabilty, congestion .. 
but the tag normal or normal-service does not exist.

background is, that I want to stop nmap from
scanning my radius server. Noticed that nmap sends
with tos 0x0.

shall I switch to pf now?

best regards ;
wmiuser/u at

E7AC 1E9B 87D8 5BD2 E2F2  6F4A 3177 ED68 8185 480C

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