3G file burns to -514M file on DVD-R

Andrew L. Gould algould at datawok.com
Sun Jun 19 04:04:18 GMT 2005

I have a gzip'd database backup file that's 3GB in size.  I used mkisofs 
to create an iso image for burning to a DVD-R.  Both the mkisofs and 
growisofs process appeared to finish successfully; but 'ls -alh' shows 
the resulting file to be -514M in size when the DVD-R is mounted in 
FreeBSD 4.10.  When I mount the dvd in a separate FreeBSD 5.4 system, 
ls -alh results in 'ls: /cdrom/pgdumpall.gz: Value too large to be 
stored in data type'.  I ftp'd the original 3GB file from the FreeBSD 
4.10 system to the FreeBSD 5.4 system.  ls -alh reads the size of the 
original file correctly.

Windows reads the DVD-R and shows the file size correctly.

I've tried recreating the iso image using -r and -l options and burning 
the iso file with and without the -dvd-compat option; but the results 
remain the same.

Any ideas or advice?


Andrew Gould

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