VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP .. Xorg drivers .. not via .. FreeBSD

Everett Batey efbatey at
Sat Jun 18 22:16:58 GMT 2005

According to
the Via User website,  on running wins3id.exe .. my MSI KM3M-V Mobo like 
scanpci -v says

 .. Has Builton "VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP"
  Chip ID 7205  /  SSven  1462  /  SSdev  7061 
which =s scanpci Output .. It is in hardware location AGP 01/00/0

Either FreeBSD's (and FreeSBIE older Xorg) DO NOT PROPERLY 
SUPPORT the recommended "via" driver or the driver is broken or 
the FreeBSD has some serious  other native problems.  Knoppix 3.4 which 
uses XFree86_4 drives this chip just fine.

When I backed FreeBSD 5.4 down to using XFree86 4 vs using at
least I got a screen to paint .. no widgets .. but hires matte.

Is there anyone in FreeBSD land who might help or help me fix this? .. I have
another server dying and am confronted with Linux and deserting FreeBSD.

I really dont want to do that .. it would approach the pain of losing 
my kitty.

Ev Batey -- WA6CRE -- efbatey at
  805 340-6471

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