FreeBSD as VMware Guest, need some assist on networking to Host

harold jones hjonesfw at
Sat Jun 18 21:26:43 GMT 2005

I have read and re-read all the VMware docs about
setting up BSD as host, but to no avail, simply can
not get networking operational.

Using, VMware 13124
       FreeBSD 5.3.RELEASE #0 (as Guest)
       Win XP Pro 5.1.2600 SP2 (as Host)

On,  Intel Pent II, 264 MHz with 192Mb 

Symptom, ifconfig reports lnc0 device as 

from Guest(BSD) to Host(XP) (& Router)
   ping reports "sendto: Host is down. 
   ftp hangs with "Trying"

from Host(XP) to Guest(BSD)
   ping actually works!! (to Guest & Router it works)
   ftp reports "Could not open connection to the host,
on port 23:"  (possibly BSD secure setting?)
Inside VMware -> Virtual Network Settings

VMnet0(Bridged) Bridged to Linksys Wireless-G PCI
VMnet1(Host Only) A private network shared with host
VMnet8(NAT) Used to share the host's IP address

VMnet0 NO Subnet, NO DHCP
VMnet1 Subnet, YES DHCP
VMnet8 Subnet, YES DHCP

Automatic Bridge 'NO'

Host Virtual Adapters
VMnet1 Virtual Net Enabled
VMnet8 Virtual Net Enabled

VMware tools is loaded, and does appear to start as
BSD boots up, however, I am unable to perform any
cut/paste functions from Guest to Host.

The VMware docs make no mention of altering any
settings on the host, hence, I've done no changes
within the Win XP Host. (I can see VMnet8 and VMnet1
on the Host(XP) side with ipconfig /all)

I searched through the archives and did not see any
resolutions. There were a few messages which implied,
'use NAT and it just works'.

I have selected NAT as network type. (I've actually
tried bridging and 'host only', still nothing). As a
side note, and possibly related. I receive this
message on the BSD console[IN BOLD] every 5 minutes or
calcru: runtime went backwards from 24173436 usec to
24173430 usec for pid 444 (vmware-guestid) 

This is my first post to this forum, though I usually
like to figure things out for myself, I've been really
struggling with this issue for quite some time. It
would be so great to pull data from the BSD envi
(shell scripting, perl scripting) as I use it mainly
for development. 

Oh! I should mention that I am not in any way a BSD
expert. I prefer it leaps and bounds over Linux, but
my real UNIX experience is with AIX. Although I have a
considerable amount of time in the NeXTStep world
(which I believe to be build on a derivative of BSD's
mach kernel).

At any rate, if the email gods are not angry with me
this message will make it to the forum, and,
hopefully, someone who has already conquered this
issue can shed some light. By the way, if I've somehow
directed this to an incorrect forum, parden me a 1,000

Thanks in advance to all!

cheers, Harold

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