postfix or qmail?

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Sat Jun 18 15:25:30 GMT 2005

On Saturday 18 June 2005 06:24 am, Luciano Musacchio wrote:

> I've a simple question, postfix or qmail? :)

My choice is Postfix.  It's still under active development and isn't hampered 
by bizarre licensing and enormous egos.

Furthermore, Qmail seems to have earned its reputation for security the 
standard DJB way: by implementing only the easy parts of the standard and 
complaining loudly about the hard parts ("those are insecure!") until 
everyone quits asking for them.

> Other thing (perhaps, the one that I interest more your opinion), do anyone
> know why MacOS X Server is using postfix instead of qmail?

All technical debates aside, Qmail isn't F/OSS software.  They couldn't ship 
it without getting a custom license.
Kirk Strauser
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