Random resets - N440BX

Peter Jeremy PeterJeremy at optushome.com.au
Sat Jun 18 07:25:56 GMT 2005

On Fri, 2005-Jun-17 16:54:39 -0700, Larry Gadallah wrote:
>Now I'm experiencing random reboots, no core dumps or log messages and
>I'm trying to figure out what's gone wrong. I've dug up a few notes
>indicating that power supply or RAM are suspect. Does anyone know if
>going from P-IIs to P-IIIs would cause that much more stress on what
>should be a very solid system?

The P-III's are presumably a newer process than the P-II's so they
probably draw about the same amount of power.  That said, the
(presumably) reduced Vcore (and increased current) will increase the
stress on the motherboard Vcore regulator.

If Samuel's suggestions don't pan out, I'd start looking at the
electrolytic capacitors in your PSU and/or motherboard.  After 3-4
years of continuous use, they may be getting marginal - particularly
if any are near heat-producing components.  Replacing the electros
on the motherboard isn't a particularly difficuly task if you have
a decent soldering iron, solder sucker and are used to working on
boards with plated-through holes.

Peter Jeremy

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