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--On Friday, June 17, 2005 08:09:23 PM -0700 Kent Stewart 
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> On Friday 17 June 2005 07:53 pm, Everett Batey wrote:
>> Two weeks of fighting with Xorg on FreeBSD_4 ..
>> CAN ANYONE tell me the steps for hopefully
>>   deleting Xorg and
>>   replacing with XFree86_4.

If you read /usr/ports/Updating and go back to 20040723, you will see some 
recommended ways for going the other way. Maybe that will help.

>> That runs fine with my KM3M-V on board video ..
>> PLEASE,  I hate to think of leaving BSD after this
>> many years on my servers.
> You pkg_delete anything that starts with xorg-* and imake. Change
> make.conf to have
> X_WINDOW_SYSTEM=xfree86-4
> You might be able to get away with just installing XFree86-4.5.0,1 and
> imake but I have a tendancy to think Murphy will get involved. If that
> happens, you will need to bebuild most/all of your ports that use
> XFree86.
> If you didn't do that when you installed xorg, that could be part of
> your problem.
> FWIW, xorg doesn't work well on my FreeBSD-4.x systems. I installed it,
> got tired of not being able to switch between the Spanish keyboard
> layout and English and reinstalled everything that had been built with
> XFree86. I had packages on an almost identical computer, so it wasn't a
> big deal and did a package install of everything.
> Other than the layout, it worked just fine, so, you have other problems.
> Kent
>> Thank you
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> Kent Stewart
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