Random resets - N440BX

Larry Gadallah lgadallah at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 23:54:40 GMT 2005

Hello all:

I have a long running and (so far) very solid Intel N440BX motherboard
in an Intel Columbus case, dual P-II 400 Mhz, 512M of ECC RAM, two
Fujitsu SCSI-2 drives, etc. For the past 3-4 years, I've run FreeBSD
3.5 through 4.11 on this box, until about a month ago when I noticed
that it was down.

On investigation, I found out that one of the P-II fansinks had fallen
off its CPU. Needless to say, the associated CPU self-destructed. I
bought a couple of P-III 550 Mhz CPUs and put them in, and everything
was fine, or so I thought.

Now I'm experiencing random reboots, no core dumps or log messages and
I'm trying to figure out what's gone wrong. I've dug up a few notes
indicating that power supply or RAM are suspect. Does anyone know if
going from P-IIs to P-IIIs would cause that much more stress on what
should be a very solid system?

Thanks in advance...
Larry Gadallah,
lgadallah AT gmail DOT com

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