Booting with multiple RAID1 configs

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Fri Jun 17 20:20:20 GMT 2005

> Please clarify.  You said you added two new disks to the 
> 'regular ide chain' and then created another RAID1 config for 
> those disks.
> Are the new drives connected to the Promise RAID controller, 
> or the motherboard's IDE controllers?

The original RAID, 2 ide drives connected to the Promise card, which
right from the beginning were labelled ar0 by FreeBSD. They show up
initially in dmesg as ad4 and ad6.

2 new IDE drives were added today, Primary Master on IDE1 and Secondary
Master on IDE2 chain (motherboard IDE).

> It sounds like you connected them to the other channel on the 
> Promise card.  The card should label the channels "IDE 1" and 
> "IDE 2" or something similar.

Nope, that is not the case. On the promise card, both channels (1 and 2)
have been in use with the ar driver from the start. The new drives are
both connected to the motherboard IDE connection.

> Did you perhaps have your original drives plugged onto the "IDE 2"  
> channel and add the new drives to the "IDE 1" channel?

Nope :) see above.

> That's about the only thing I can think of that would make 
> the new drives take priority over the old drives.

Yeah, I understand what you mean, but that's not the case.

Here is what I did, and the subsequent effect:

(Remember, ad4 and ad6 (promise drives) make up the bootable ar0):

# after 2 brand new drives installed:

- atacontrol create RAID1 ad0 ad2 which point it said it was successful, and designated the new RAID
config as ad1.

After reboot, the server comes up, identifies ad0, ad2, ad4 and ad6 as
expected. Then it tries to load up the ar driver. It clearly says ar0
has 2 disks, ad0 and ad2, and ad1 now has ad4 and ad6, which is
backwards from how it should be.

Then it baffs with a mountroot error, and no manner of trying to point
to any disk or array is successful. Mountroot errors 16 and 22 come up.

I pull the new drives back off the motherboard IDE connections, box goes
back to exactly how it was before this mess started.

I tried to do an atacontrol delete on the new array, but of course it
can't find it because the drives are unplugged. Are there any config
files that store this information?

Sorry for the long winded post. Hopefully it was a little more clear!


> If that's the case, just switch IDE cables plugging into the 
> Promise controller.
> Thanks,
> Ken Ebling

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