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By reading some out of the OpenSolaris forum, it look's like ther can be
a changs to bring FreeBSD tight together with OpenSolaris in futuer
The comment I like is:

"For a great timeline of UNIX developments and ancestry", check out:

The original SunOS was based on BSD Unix (4.1). Solaris 2.0 (a.k.a.
SunOS 5.x) was the merge between SunOS and the SVR4 sources from AT&T.
The merge heavily favored the SVR4 source, so today it's fundamentally a
SVR4 system, though it's obviously diverged in a number of areas. You
can still find pieces of BSD influence around as well (we even run SunOS
4.x binaries unmodified on Solaris 10). For a great timeline of UNIX
developments and ancestry, check out:

And yes, by the transitive property:

OpenSolaris -> Solaris Nevada -> Solaris 10 ... -> Solaris 2.0 -> SVR4

On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 10:39:48AM -0600, James Falknor wrote:
> To whomever,
> From what I understand, Solaris was based upon Unix SysV Rev.4 from
> A.T.&T.
> Is Solaris 10 based on Unix SysV Rev.4?
> Since OpenSolaris Source Code is based on Solaris 10, then is
> OpenSolaris Source Code based on Unix SysV Rev.4?
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