Vexing IPF problem

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1. Best thing is scrap your firewall rules and use the IPF rules
listed in the firewall/ipfilter section of the official handbook.
2. There are a lot of spoof packets using port 80 on the public
internet and that may be what you are seeing.

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Subject: Vexing IPF problem

I'm having a problem with IPF blocking packets that appear should be
let through.

I've sent quite a bit of time going through the Handbook, man pages,
etc & I must be missing something so any help is greatly

uname -a freebsd 4.11-release #0

SMP kernel, dual PIII processor, 512 MB ECC RAM, SCSI HDs

execerpt from rule set:

Kernel compiled with "default allow" until I finish getting the
ruleset rewritten.

Rule #1 block in log from any to any

pass in quick on lo0
pass out quick on lo0

block in log quick on fxp0 from any to any with ipopts
block in log quick proto tcp from any to any with short
pass in log first proto tcp from any to any port = 80 flags S keep
pass in log first proto tcp from any port = 80 to any flags S keep
pass out log first proto tcp from any to any port = 80 flags S keep

netstat -m = 129/576/16384
9% of mb_map in use

Proxy Server - Squid 2.5.stable10

The behavior I'm seeing is out going connections to websites on port
80 are being passed
but the in bound traffic is being blocked.  The ipflog entries look
like this:

my ip = s   theirs = d

@0:390 p s.s.s.s,3601 -> d.d.d.d,80 PR tcp len 20 60 -S K-S OUT

@0:1 b d.d.d.d,80 -> s.s.s.s,3601 PR tcp len 20 43 -AR IN

Thanks in advance to those giving their time to lend a hand, I know
you time is valuable.

Please CC my address in your reply.

David Hutchens III
Network Technician

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