Invoking rc.conf changes w/o rebooting

Jonathan Arnold jdarnold at
Fri Jun 17 14:18:30 GMT 2005

walker, mick wrote:
> Adi Pircalabu <mailto:apircalabu at> scribbled on 17 June 2005
> 13:57:
>>On Fri, 17 Jun 2005 14:50:23 +0100
>>"walker, mick" <mick.walker at> wrote:
>>>You can drop to ren level 1 using the command init 1.
>>No, there is no need for such an action. A simple entry as the one
>>listed in pkg-message is enough to set up webmin for starting at boot
>>time and run time.
> [Sorry forgot to copy the list in]
> Thanks I stand corrected.
> However this did not work for me for some reason, after installing sasl
> authd, however my previously mentioned method did.

Yes, same here for my webmin.  I added it to the rc.conf and then tried
to use it and webmin wouldn't work.  I rebooted and all was well. Good test
for rebooting remotely anway.

Thanks for everyone's help over the last couple of days.

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