Stephen P. Cravey clists at
Fri Jun 17 12:39:12 GMT 2005

I'm having trouble gettign tripwire to update the database. When I run:
tripwire --update -v
I get the following:

Tripwire(R) for BSD

Tripwire 2.3 Portions copyright 2000 Tripwire, Inc. Tripwire is a
registered trademark of Tripwire, Inc. This software comes with
ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details use --version. This is free software
which may be redistributed or modified only under certain conditions;
see COPYING for details. All rights reserved.
Opening configuration file: /usr/local/etc/tripwire/tw.cfg
This file is encrypted.

Opening key file: /usr/local/etc/tripwire/site.key
Opening key file: /usr/local/etc/tripwire/
Opening database file: /var/db/tripwire/
This file is encrypted.
Opening report file:
### Error: File could not be opened.
### Filename:
#/var/db/tripwire/report/ ## No such
#file or directory ## Exiting...

I have verified that the file:
can be written by root (duh), but i cannot figure out why I'm getting
the error. Ideas?


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