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Andrew L. Gould algould at datawok.com
Fri Jun 17 07:02:53 GMT 2005

On Thursday 16 June 2005 08:38 am, Noah wrote:
> FreeBSD-4.11 R3
> I am looking for a really nice calendar program that I can run from a
> web interface.  That has the ability to import my calendar from my
> palm.
> horde is nice but I cant import any of my palm calendars.
> neither can webcalendar unless there is some recent update in the
> past 3 months that does it now.
> evolution is nice but I think this is X only and not for the web. 
> please correct me if I am wrong.
> Please pass along any recommendations.
> Thanks in advance,
> Noah

If you're just trying to get remote access to your calendar using a web 
browser, you could use any palm-syncable software and tightvnc.  You 
can find tightvnc in the ports.  Tightvnc has a small web server that 
allows access to your desktop from a remote internet browser.  

Unfortunately, this does not facilitate remote syncing of your palm 

To view tightvnc from a web browser, point your url to your desktop 
machine using port 5800 +  the display number.

I sync my palm pilot using the jpilot port.  I invoke tightvnc on 
display 1 on my desktop at hostname.com using:
	vncserver :1

To run my desktop from a remote browser, I would point my browser to:
Then I run jpilot on my desktop.

I hope this helps.

Andrew Gould

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