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>Noah wrote:
>| FreeBSD-4.11 R3
>| I am looking for a really nice calendar program that I can 
>run from a web
>| interface.  That has the ability to import my calendar from my palm.
>| horde is nice but I cant import any of my palm calendars.
>| neither can webcalendar unless there is some recent update in 
>the past 3
>| months that does it now.
>| evolution is nice but I think this is X only and not for the 
>web.  please
>| correct me if I am wrong.
>| Please pass along any recommendations.
>I use deskutils/phpicalendar.  iCal on my Mac is able to
>sync with it. 
> There are several out there.  Another that
>I have used is Web Calendar, http://www.k5n.us/webcalendar.php.
>Its pretty good.q

The problem isn't the applications.  The problem is that Palm in it's
infinite stupidity does not support any of the standardized calendar
syncing formats.  And your also confused because the ical on a Mac
isn't the same thing as IETF's standard  RFC2445 spec iCAL.

Palm claims support of ical for their handhelds but they are talking
about the ical application on a Mac.  They aren't talking about the
standards-based RFC, which is what Horde and all the other calendaring
applications support.

Please see the following for enlightenment:



About the only thing that the OP can do is sync to Palm Desktop on
a 'doze box then export the calendar from that comma-delimited then
suck that into Horde.


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