Spam sender using domain name as spoofed source

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu Jun 16 19:58:03 GMT 2005

Allan_Ross at wrote:
[ ... ]
> The server is suddenly receiving thousands of email a day, from 
> postmasters! It appears that some spam lord has decided that my domain 
> would bea good one for spoofing as the sender address of his garbage. 
> Every one of his spam messages that generates an error message (user 
> does not exist, mailbox full, spam blocking programs, etc) sends the 
> reply to MY SERVER.

You might try configuring SPF information into your DNS.  This is supposed to 
help the people being spammed by forged mail containing your domain reject the 
spam, rather than bouncing it back to you.

Here in the US, if you can show damages larger than $2000, that's when it 
becomes useful to talk to the local police or even the FBI; below that dollar 
figure, computer abuse/fraud doesn't really register.  :-(


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