GnuPG in the enterprise

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Thu Jun 16 16:25:31 GMT 2005

On Jun 16, 2005, at 10:19 AM, Tony Shadwick wrote:

> Not to mention I've always wondering how gnupg plays with multiple  
> recipients or internal company mailing lists.  For example if I  
> send a message to VIP1, VIP2, and VIP3, and it is an important  
> internal document that requires encryption, when I encrypt the  
> message, won't it get encrypted with VIP'1 public key, thus VIP2  
> and VIP3 won't be able to open the message?

I use pgp desktop now but when I was using gnupg it would  
encrypt to the public keys of all the people in the recipient list so  
that VIP1 VIP2 and VIP3 could all read it...

I have customers using gnupg who do this when sending to me and others.


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