base libobjc on 5.4 p2

Thierry DELHAISE befree_fr at
Thu Jun 16 14:33:24 GMT 2005

Hi the list

Actually, the base gcc provide with 5.4#p2 is a 3.4.2. The libobjc is  
provide (as a static one, not sure of that, I arg this about the ".a"  
extension I saw on this lib).

It seems this lib is only provide :
- as a static library.
- without objc-exceptions compile in.
- with libffi provide and install from base system.

Is it possible to have this lib build :

- as a shared lib too.
- with objc-exeception include
- AND with libffi support for callback, since this lib is required  
(for GNUstep compilation, AFAIK libffcall is quiet deprecated in  
favor of libffi) and now part of gcc compiler suite.

If it's not possible, for base system :
- is it possible to have this features enable (may be by a buildworld  
options) to allow us to use the base compiler provide with FreeBSD.

The main advantage I see for this features enable, is that it don't  
require to install a gcc port to have this features enables (and so,  
to not have to deal with two compiler on the machine), or to don't  
patch the /usr/src tree to rebuild the lib with those options. I  
think hacking /usr/src is may be a bad idea, since all changes made  
in this tree will be lost when an upgrade will be perform ?

Does I'm right on what I 've seen ? (since I'm not a guru ;-)
How those suggestions (this is only suggestions) could take place in  
FreeBSD ? with what cost ?

Any advices.

Thx in advance for all comments.

Thierry (aka befree)

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