SMP and networking under FreeBSD 5.3

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Thu Jun 16 09:22:13 GMT 2005

Joe wrote:

>I'm not sure why I get the hostname ``or'' unknown message
If you still get it once you take away your ifconfig stuff then you'll 
know that it was responsible.  You haven't posted the actual lines you 
use, so no-one is going to be able to figure out what might be 
happening.  Where you currently have

variable=`ifconfig interface | stuff`

or whatever, put

echo $variable

after it and you will see if you got it right or not.  From what you've 
said I think your stuff works fine when there is an ip address and 
produces some junk when there isn't and you then feed that junk to an 
ipfw rule which gives you the error.


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