pdksh cli as vi

bdz bdz at mailshack.com
Thu Jun 16 08:24:49 GMT 2005

i use ksh everywhere and the comman line is set to behave
like vi so i can search/edit commands pretty fast.

on my freebsd5.4 i have installed pdksh-5.2.14p2 from 
packages. in the .profile EDITOR and VISUAL both
exported as vi and after login i can see that:

freebsd54$ set|grep vi

if i switch to command mode strange things happen. like
i press 'h' to go to the left and it just adds 'h's to
the command line. but if i give it a export VISUAL=vi
from the command line everything is ok.

you guys know something about it? i have not found
anything in google.


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