Webmail Selection Setup & Configuration

luke lgrady at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 19:16:15 GMT 2005

> 1 - Where is a good starting point to read about configuring a webmail system. I have looked into SquirellMail and actually installed it but I had trouble with the IMAP server and security portions of it. I was not able to get it running very well because need more information on the various parts of the complete system.

if IMAP is the issue, sqwebmail does not require imap, it accesses
maildir/'s directly. it is also a stable, useable product

> 3 - Are there good *detailed* resources available that provide procedures on how to set up a webmail system and the required / recommended components.

google probably provides tons of resources on just about any webmail
program ever made. don't search for webmail though, pick one and
search for _it_

good luck


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