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Wed Jun 15 19:16:14 GMT 2005

i used the mpd config exzactly from the freebsd handbook except changing the 
(4) Values needed to change.

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>you could help your cry for help by posting your ppp.conf, ppp.log
>and firewall rules
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>Hello Friendly FreeBSD people.
>Let me get straight to the point.
>I am implimenting a FreeBSD Based Firewall.
>I have an ADSL Speedtouch 5200 Modem/Router, Currently Plugged into
>I want to connect the modem to my FreeBSD Firewall;
>So that the FreeBSD Firewall will be creating a PPP connection to my
>Eg, my xl0 interface will have a PUBLIC Internet Address (IF
>My Isp Uses PPPoA, i used the instructions from the handbook, to
>I put the router in 'bridge' mode and connect the Ethernet cable
>from the
>Dsl Router/Modem to my FreeBSD Firewall.
>But i have little success getting the results i want. [The Firewall
>connect to my ISP]
>Anyone willing to give me a clue?
>Stephan Weaver.
>stephanweaver at
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