procmail keeps dieing on freebsd 5.4 with postfix

Matt Juszczak matt at
Wed Jun 15 18:32:21 GMT 2005

OK, here's the funny thing.

We did a mail flood test, and our mail server stood up fine, but our LDAP 
server (which was handling all the queries) ended up crashing with a 
similar message ... so now I've got two machines running 5.4 with the same 

Here's the message. Remember, this is on the LDAP machine, not the 
Postfix/Procmail machine, but the error we received earlier was similar.

Kernel Trap 12 with interrupts disabled
Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode
CPUID=1, apic ID=00
fault virtual address = 0x24
fault code = supervisor read, page not present
instruction pointer = 0x8:0xc6644eff
stack pointer = 0x10: 0xdaa86b48
frame pointer = 0x10 :0xdae86b5c
code segment: base 0x0 limit 0xfffff
 	type 0x1d, <can't read my handwriting here>
 	def32, 1
processes eflags = resume, IOPL=0
current process = 44091 (slapd)
trap number = 12
panic page fault
cpuid = 1

Hope that helps.  I dont think FreeBSD should crash like this because it 
was getting hit hard with queries ..... but I could be wrong.


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