procmail keeps dieing on freebsd 5.4 with postfix

Matt Juszczak matt at
Wed Jun 15 16:08:46 GMT 2005

Hi all,

We had a mail server running with FreeBSD 5.4, about 3,000 accounts, and 
postfix.  Recently, I turned procmail on in postfix 
(mailbox_command=/usr/....procmail) and the machine has been locking up 
weekly ever since.  And when this machines crashes, it crashes hard ... 
and "procmail" is always on the screen as the error causer when it 

I know you all want messages, but I never seem to be here and my co 
workers reboot the box on me to fix it.  Both times; however, we've had to 
run fsck from single user mode and also refresh the postfix queue.

Does anyone have any ideas why procmail could be causing my system to 
completely hard lock every other couple of days?  I disabled procmail for 
now and I know (knock on wood) the machine should be fine like it used to 
be ... but all these hard locks could eventually drive the freebsd box 
mad, and I wouldn't want to do a reinstall.



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