disabling ata devices

Titus von Boxberg ut at bhi-hamburg.de
Wed Jun 15 14:31:40 GMT 2005

JM schrieb:
> i'm not exactly sure how to accomplish this... i'm having problems with 
> my cd-rom, which isn't surprising since it's a slim-line without UDMA 
> and probably isn't supported... but... it's eating up time when i'm 
> just remove the device node altogether.  every time i remove /dev/acd0 
> it's just recreated each time i restart.  not sure how to permanently 
> remove it without physically removing it from the system.  is there 
> anyway to remove the node without removing the iso9660 entry from the 
> kernel?
Neither iso9660 nor the device entry have to do with the probing of
your CD drive.
Either you make a custom kernel and comment out the appropriate
line for the driver or you can configure the kernel at boot
time via "UserConfig" not to probe for the device.
The first way is straightforward and documented in the handbook.
The second way is documented in the loader(8) manpage
and e.g. here:
or for different CD-ROM drives mentioned here:


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