disabling ata devices

Björn König bkoenig at cs.tu-berlin.de
Wed Jun 15 13:58:13 GMT 2005

JM wrote:

> i'm not exactly sure how to accomplish this... i'm having problems with 
> my cd-rom, which isn't surprising since it's a slim-line without UDMA 
> and probably isn't supported... but... it's eating up time when i'm 
> booting the system.  i've erased the fstab lines for acd0 but it's still 
> probing the hardware when i boot the machine.

Please show the point where it takes time. You have a log in 

> how do i completely 
> disable probing for this device at startup? 

As far as I know this is not possible (I might be mistaken). Either you 
remove the hardware or the support for this piece of hardware.

> if possible i'd like to 
> just remove the device node altogether.  every time i remove /dev/acd0 
> it's just recreated each time i restart.

devfs provides a kind of virtual file system which will be created in 
respect of the devices that are known to the kernel. Everytime you 
unmount devfs all changes that were directly made to /dev are gone.

> not sure how to permanently 
> remove it without physically removing it from the system. is there 
> anyway to remove the node without removing the iso9660 entry from the 
> kernel?

The 'CD9660' option in the kernel configuration is a file system support 
and has nothing necessarily to do with support of hardware devices. I 
guess you mean 'device atapicd'.


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